2011 Workshop Diagnosis and Monitoring of Levees

From research to practice

The workshop devoted to Diagnosis and Monitoring of levees: from Research to Practice, held in Orléans on November 16 and 17, 2011, was the successful outcome of a partnership between DREAL (Regional Environmental Authority), CETE - Normandy-Centre Office (in conjunction with Blois LRPC facility), CETMEF, POLYTECH’ORLEANS and IFSTTAR.

These sessions, built around a unifying theme, made it possible to appreciate several researches currently conducted on levees as regards their diagnosis and monitoring. The two-days agenda provided a forum for presentations from participants of three research projects SOLEM, Embankments in flooding areas and DOFEAS promoting tools and technological breakthroughs in the area of geophysics applied to surveying linear structures. Their contributions extended to the development of in situ investigation tools, mapping tests and the installation of observatories, all sponsored by the Scientific and Technical Network of the French Ministry in charge of Sustainable development (MEDDE).

The much awaited participation of the Ministry Risk Prevention Department, BRGM Geological and Mining Office, Irstea (former Cemagref Institute) and Dutch Ministry of Infrastructures and Environment rounded out the various points of view through a series of well received presentations.

A field visit of River Loire levees located between the cities of Orléans and Guilly in France, guided by Jean Maurin (DREAL Centre), addressed in details the various topics raised during the program talks, while allocating considerable time for discussions and round tables.

These sessions were the first ever organised by the RST network  with a cross-disciplinary emphasis upon reporting results from the two recently completed research projects. The event, concluded by a final round table session, was hailed as a huge success by attendees, eagerly awaiting to repeat the experience this coming year on the same topic.

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16 novembre 2011

9h à 10h25 Débats introductifs

10h40 à 13h Le diagnostic d'une digue : méthode et outils

14h30-17h30 Visite des digues de Loire

17 novembre 2011

9h à 10h Le diagnostic d'une digue : méthode et outils (suite)

10h30 à 12h La surveillance des ouvrages : outils et expériences récentes

14h15 à 16h Clôture des débats - Table ronde