2011 Acoustics and Vibrations Technical Workshop

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After being hosted in 2008 by CETE's Northern France-Picardy Office, then in 2009 by the CETE Western Office and a 2010 session sponsored by the entity's Eastern Office, this year's workshop was organised by CETE-Mediterranean Office and held on June 8th and 9th in Aix-en-Provence. The 2011 assembly provided the opportunity for actors within the Ministry of Ecology and Public Works' Scientific and Technical Network (RST) to share their work and findings on the topic of noise and vibration nuisances.

The first day was devoted to a handful of technical presentations on projects either taken to an advanced stage or already completed regarding "noise and vibration" aspects. Day 2, on the other hand, focused on ongoing and planned research work to be carried out within the RST network, followed by a roundtable discussion on the operational activities of CETE laboratories across the country

One major modification to this year's workshop format deserves to be mentioned. Subsequent to the many comments submitted during previous sessions, the "vibration" topic (dealing with vibrations stemming from the transport sector: lorries, buses, tramways, trains, etc.) was reintroduced. The Acoustics and Vibration plenary programme therefore resembled the format of the "Noise and Vibrations" Technical Commissions LCPC was organising about a decade ago.

The objective here is to once again assemble RST researchers working in the two fields of "Noise" and "Vibrations" in an effort to rally these "two communities" around a single objective: overcoming noise and vibration nuisances originating from land transport systems.

2011 represents a first step; the next gathering in 2012 might bring even more actors together from the field of "Vibrations" and, in so doing, open more to a public outside of the RST network (e.g. local and regional authorities, administrative agencies, design firms).

Program (pdf)

Download the presentations - Wednesday June 8, 2011 (only available in French)

Ouverture des JTAV 2011 - J. Picaut (Ifsttar) à gauche et L. Patte (CETE Med.) à droite
Ouverture des JTAV 2011 - L. Patte (CETE Med.) à gauche et J. Picaut (Ifsttar) à droite